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  • When will local governmental bodies face the scorching truth of Climate Change

    By Rayhan Galib on May 30th 2024

    Coimbatore/Nilgiris: The winding roads through the lush forests of the Nilgiris often open into towns carved into the mountain faces. These towns, the spiraling roads, coffee plantations, and tea gardens, over the past week, stand drenched by unseasonal, unexpected heavy showers that have caught most people by surprise. The rains, preceded by record-breaking heat, largely […]

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  • Radio and Entertainment

    By Rayhan Galib on May 2nd 2023

    “Howzat!’ went the shout and the crowd erupted with joy! A tiny gully in Bangalore had now evolved into a melee of men, children and women who hugged and cried. Amarnath had bowled out the West Indies to bring India their first World Cup.

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