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Haryana: In Nuh, a community radio is helping quell fears of jab


In Haryana, A community radio programme debunks misinformation on Covid

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How Radio Mewat helped dispel Covid myths and more in India’s most ‘backward’ district

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In rural India, community radio remains a favourite because of how it is alert to local issues

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Coronavirus India Update : Haryana के गांवों में Radio Mewat लोगों की कैसे मदद कर रहा? (BBC Hindi)

भारत के महावीर: भलाई का जज़्बा

‘भारत के महावीर’ टेलीवीज़न श्रृँखला के इस भाग में, एक सामुदायिक रेडियो, किशोरों द्वारा शुरू किया गया ऑनलाइन फ़िटनैस क्लब और...

Change is in the airwaves in rural India

A traditional Muslim farming community is turning to the local radio station for advice on everything from sowing crops to health

How One Award-Winning Radio Channel Forever Changed an Underserved Community in Haryana

Giving voice to many

Community radio to take care of consumer complaints in Mewat

One of the country' most backward districts, Mewat in Haryan

Rural radio poised to bring hinterlands to speed

In this region of wretched poverty not far from Delhi

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This Community Radio Programme Encouraged a Father to Support His Daughter’s Education

Radio Mewat

Radio by the people, for the people and of the people

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