Health First

SMART agreed to host consultations for Global Health Advocates on health related issues with the Panchayats and women groups to create a demand for health care and to build the community’s stake in the health delivery systems.

With a focus on getting positive outcomes the health related issues were zeroed down to Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, immunization, Tuberculosis

The objective of the project was to understand the existing gaps and challenges faced in accessing delivery mechanisms; to sensitize the local self government about its role in providing better health to the community; to create a demand for health systems by the community; to lobby for better facilities and focus on the above mentioned subjects in Mewat and to build a stake of the community in health infrastructure and systems.

The project was executed in 10 Panchayats in three blocks: Nuh: Naushera, Golpuri, Tain, Salamba, Gajarpur Punhana: Mundheta, Baadli, Nagina: Bhadas, Umra, Rithad. The programs were targeted at the Gram sabha , the village health and sanitation committees, self help groups and adolescent girls.

The team worked closely with the district health officials, schools and the panchayats. A poster and quiz competition was also held. The winners were brought to Delhi in the occasion of International Women’s Day and they interacted with the Minister for Culture, Government of India.