Hinsa Ko No - Engender Health

Hinsa Ko No (EngenderHealth): The project is implemented in 8 districts of India with 9 community radio stations (Dibrugarh, Durg, Bilaspur, Raipur, Gwalior, Dakshin Kannada, Konakar, Cuttack). The overall goal of this project is to create awareness on Domestic Violence/Gender Based Violence. The existing legal and institutional framework for the same, across different segments of society, which include survivors, law implementing agencies, protection agencies, local governments and administration, through on-air and off-air interventions. The project includes workshops for capacity building, training and programmes to be broadcasted on community radio. The effort will be to engage with community based institutions, promote existing institutional structures for addressing violence and finally not only advocate for change, but ensure that there is perceptible absorption of knowledge and change in attitudes and behavioral practices.

The project adopted a multipronged approach to reduce gender-based violence (domestic and sexual violence perpetrated against women and girls) at homes and in the communities. It addresses harmful and traditional practices that promote patriarchy and undermine the position of women in the households, contributing to violence. The project also drew attention of the stakeholders in the improper upbringing and socialization of males and females in the context of their perceived gender roles.