Mothers Schools

SMART is conducting a research project on the lack of information and knowledge in mothers about parenting skills. It is now running a pilot project for the mothers. The idea is to provide a platform where they can come together, discuss their issues and look at solutions that all mothers face. The program is designed in a manner that it encourages participation of all participants. A manual has been prepared by the sponsoring agency and a group of trainers have been identified. The trainers will go through an orientation program.



I was a shy and not very confident person. I used to be scared of going from one village to another, of talking to people, but after attending the Mothers School, I feel there has been a change in my persona. I feel more confident of myself. I really enjoyed the training but my favourite module was “Women as Peacemakers”. I really liked the concept of planting trees of peace. If only we could plant more the world would be witness to peace and harmony.


Mewat as you know is extremely backward. One of the reasons is that nobody does anything. They just blame the other for whatever is wrong in their own life. For me the nest module was as “Beyond Blame & Shame”. It helped me introspect and start taking some responsibility for what was happening around me. I have never enjoyed anything more than this training. I am so sad that it is coming to a close.


Mothers School trainings have helped bring about a sea of change in me, and small changes within my family too. Earlier, I was impatient and never heard my children’s point of view. I always felt I knew it all. I have been a bit partial too, towards the boys and always got upset with the girls. I used to lose my temper easily and scream and shout I have learnt to listen. I have realized that whether young or old, small or big everyone can enrich your life with their experiences. There is more calm and peace in my home now.


I was a wreck. I felt unwanted and unloved. My husband had left me. My parents were unhappy with me. I sometimes even cursed my two year old daughter for my misery. For the last few months I was so self absorbed that I never cared for anyone else. The Mothers School has changed my outlook towards life. I have discovered my strengths. My confidence is back. I have a higher self esteem. I also realize that there is a lt of suffering in other people’s life too. It’s not all about me. It is also about them about others and I being educated can play a role in the life of others. I have no words to express my gratitude for this training. It has been a self revelation for me. I have not cried even once in the last three months- earlier I could not stop my tears. I had forgotten how to laugh.