Poshan Abhiyaan

UNICEF organised a 2-day capacity building workshop on ‘Poshan Abhiyaan’. The workshop was attended by 42 Community Radios(CRs) wherein various materials were shared, programmes for broadcast were designed. Each participating station was asked to mentor one or more stations in their region and launch POSHAN Abhiyaan in their respective blocks on September 1, 2018.

Each station is physically reaching out to an average of 100 people every day. This amounts to 10,000 people a day. Till the 11th day, all the participating stations had physically reached out to 1,10,000 people in total and the numbers are growing impressively.

CRs got in touch with the Self help groups, schools and health centers in their region, children were made to take the pledge, quiz competitions were organised and interviews of ASHA Workers and doctors were taken. Programmes on crucial issues of antenatal care, optimal breastfeeding, child anemia, childbirth, anemia prevention during pregnancy, sanitisation, safe drinking water etc were broadcasted on a regular basis. Across many CR stations in India, healthy and nutritious food displays were done, healthy food cooking methods were demonstrated to communities. Also, various Blood test camps were hosted to combat anaemia. On International Literacy Day (September 8), the stations broadcasted the interview of Dr VK Paul in both Hindi and English.