Radio Mewat

The programming of the radio station is sensitive to the needs and problems of the community. The content is hence conceived with the help of the community. Over 90% of what is aired is specific to the region. To bring about greater participation and depth to the content, the radio station disseminates information and also serves as a bridge between the community and the administration. Evidence of how much the radio enjoys the trust and confidence of the local community can be gauged by the fact that local people come for counseling and seek help in grievance redressal from the staff on a regular basis.

Moreover, the open door policy of the radio station encourages the residents of Mewat to walk in freely and voice their opinions on issues that impact them or about which they are passionate. Live phone-ins have increased the participation of the people and brought in a wide spectrum of voices from all sections of the population. Radio Mewat has helped in improving relationship between the local community and the administration.

The radio station has a content committee and a management committee with representatives from the community, who participate actively in all its operational and programming issues.

Radio Mewat has also been instrumental in reviving the lost cultural and oral tradition of the Meos- that of the Mirasi music - sufi singers who have been reciting the Mahabharata..