UNICEF – SMART Poshan ki Potli

March 2022 The Poshan ki Potli Project, implemented by UNICEF and SMART, aims to prioritize three key themes related to COVID-19: mother and child's health in the first 1000 days, optimal breastfeeding, and complementary feeding and growth. The project involves partnering with 50 community radio stations across 12 states for a duration of three months. The prgramme disseminate correct and consistent information on nutrition, especially in local dialects, and to build the capacity of these radio stations to develop and share content related to the key thematic areas of the POSHAN Abhiyan Jan Andolan. Additionally, the project emphasizes the safety of vaccines for pregnant and lactating women, the importance of breastfeeding during COVID-19, and reinforces the COVID-19 Appropriate Behavior (CAB).